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Our Efforts

From The Thermocopy Mission Statement:
To our community, we commit to be an environmentally responsible business partner.

As part of an ongoing effort to strengthen our corporate commitment to be an environmentally responsible business partner, Thermocopy is pursuing innovative new ways our company can reduce, reuse, recycle and renew the resources we consume while doing business. Please click on the green sidebar to the left to see specific information on the environmental impact of our initiatives.

Thermocopy’s Recycling Program
Our recycling program includes various materials such as office paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, e-scrap and more. Receptacles for these materials are in place throughout our facilities including our offices, warehouse, workshop, and breakroom areas.

Reducing Paper Usage
To improve efficiency and help reduce the amount of paper used to transfer information within our organization, Thermocopy routinely updates our internal document management assessment. We use our own Printworks strategies for better document management. We encourage all employees to consider whether a hard copy is really needed before printing a document. Our equipment is set to print in duplex mode whenever possible. Thermocopy has switched to 30% post-consumer recycled paper for our internal document output. The impact of this change alone has resulted in significant environmental savings.

Green Cleaning
Thermocopy has switched to a “green cleaning“ policy in our facilities. Our janitorial service uses non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions as part of their routine processes. Using these products reduces our environmental impact as a business because it helps to eliminate many toxic chemicals from landfills and groundwater. Studies show that the reduction in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) also leads to improved indoor air quality and better employee health.

Reducing Energy Usage
Thermocopy is also implementing strategies to save energy (and lower our utility bills) by installing improved, programmable thermostats, replacing conventional lighting with energy-efficient products, and encouraging all employees to be conscientious about their energy usage. All of our computers, printers and other office equipment are set to sleep mode.

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